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Professional Navigation Consultations - get help now with difficult medical decisions and health circumstances!

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Dr Melissa Clarke can lead your health advocacy team.  Health Advocacy helps you to solve problems, conquer the medical maze and get you on the road to recovery. First have a free 10 minute consultation to see how Dr. Clarke and her team can best help you...

Navigation services

Navigation services can help when you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with a serious illness and you need good information quickly.  We can help when you have been shuttled between specialists who don’t listen to you, speak to each other, research your problems, or diagnose you properly. We can also help with making sure you communicate effectively with your medical team. You might need assistance when you feel overwhelmed by information overload or the administrative and insurance burdens of managing your illness.  We can get you the help you and your family need, help to overcome obstacles to your care, and finds the resources you need.

Medical Advocacy  

Dr. Melissa Clarke specializes in medical and medication records review,  and in-depth clinical research. She works with patients with complicated medical histories who have had trouble finding the right diagnosis and doctors. Dr. Clarke’s concise medical summaries capture in one document what might otherwise be buried in hundreds of pages of medical records. She produces detailed, well-sourced research reports to help you understand your, condition, assess your options and make good decisions.

We do not diagnose or treat illness.  We investigate clinical resources and provide you with information for your medical team.

Insurance Appeals  

Receiving the news of denial of coverage of an insurance claim can be an enormous shock. However, you should never assume that “no means no” since insurance appeals are successful in getting claims covered almost 50% of the time. Dr. Clarke can work with you and your doctor to determine why a claim was denied and help you put together the process to appeal. Time is of the essence, however, since many insurance companies have a short time frame during which you can file an appeal.