Dr. Melissa Clarke, a Harvard-educated physician for 20 years, is passionate about empowering individuals to be their own best health advocates. Inspired by her patients, as well as her own experience with her Dad’s fight with Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Clarke realized early in her career both the need for patients to take an active role as partners in their healthcare, and the imperative to educate doctors in how to best to interact with patients. Since then, Dr. Clarke has been on the frontlines in improving the way doctors and patients work together. Her recently released book,  Excuse me, Doctor. I’ve got WHAT?!” Taking Ownership of Your Health and Making Healthcare Reform Work  for Youis a roadmap for how to be a smart healthcare consumer and understanding why taking control of your health and healthcare now is more important than ever.  

Dr. Clarke is a health empowerment speaker and healthcare commentator in numerous blogs, newsletters, and radio and TV spots. She served for 5 years as Senior Medical Director at Aetna-owned Active Health Management, a leading provider of health management services. There she focused on improving the quality of medical care provided by doctors and hospitals as mandated by healthcare reform. She is also former Assistant Dean of Howard University College of Medicine, where she received funding from NIH and others to improve communication between doctors and patients.  

A board certified Emergency physician, practicing in inner city emergency departments, Dr Clarke graduated from Harvard University, the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, and completed residency at Georgetown University. Certified in acupuncture, and with extensive knowledge of nutrition and alternative healthcare, she supports the integration of the best of western and eastern medicine. She believes that whatever medical system we use, we each play a crucial role in our own wellness and healing.

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